International War News Journal – Daily update news and information.
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We are serving our readers for free with update, reliable news & information.
Our official Facebook is – နိုင္ငံတကာစစ္သတင္းဂ်ာနယ္
Our official Blog is – International War News Journal

The brand, IWNJ is a product of AZL Group.
International War News Journal is running by a group of people – Editor in Chief, Reporters, Journalists and Translators. Currently, our group has 6+ people, #AJAX (Editor in Chief), #WHISKEY (Communication Officer), #INDIANA (Translator), #NOVEMBER (Journalist) #JULIET (Senior Reporter) +junior staffs.

For now, our business run by donation and advertisement.
We accept Advertisements on our official Facebook, Blog and Website pages.
You are welcome to invest with us and advertise with us for your bright businesses.

Contact us for more information –

IWNJ, AZL Group, Yangon, Myanmar.
Email :
Advertising & Marketing : +959 7846 73618

Thank you very much for visiting us.


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